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Album review: Elevated, Dr E

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This is just a little note to tell you that after featuring my review of Gabbie McGee’s Mississippi’s Daughter several weeks ago, Joeri at JazzandSoul kindly offered me to have a listen to Dr E’s upcoming album, Elevated and to share my thoughts on the project.

UPDATE: It seems like Jazzandsoul actually doesn’t exist anymore, so I will post the review here, so that you can all have a read and discover Dr E’s universe. Enjoy!

Music is a remedy and Dr E definitely knows all about healing with her incredible songwriting and vocal range. Elevated is a very nice introduction to her musical universe and it presents different sides of her personality and talent.

What struck me first is the amazing quality of her voice and the way she plays with it, making it very high-pitched and reminiscent of Erykah Badu on some songs and then very deep and sensual, putting a spell on the listeners. For me, this ability to extend her vocal range so widely is very refreshing and welcome, in a time when some self-proclaimed singers can barely produce decent notes. The great variety also makes it very easy to listen to the album over and over again, as it is never monotonous.

Then, something that I really appreciate about Elevated is its eclectism when it comes to the productions. We are on a journey from classic soul to jazz, blues, gospel and acoustic music, which is a way to follow the different moods and experiences Dr E went through and describes. The use of instruments is amazing and a great place is left to the actual music, which is what I love more and more. The sax, piano and guitar made me want to smile and cry and dance, and this is what music is supposed to do: touch you deep inside and allow you to relate to the emotions the artist wants to share.

Last but not least, Dr E writing skills are also remarkable and make this album one I will definitely have in heavy rotation. It is not really surprising to discover that the singer is also an author, educator and motivational speaker, as the quality of her writing and the positive message she spreads are obvious in Elevated and the album is very inspiring and uplifting. As for the vocals and productions, the themes she touches upon are quite varied and are a description of her journey through life, one many of us can relate to. She sings about love, from wanting to give herself to her special one (Your everything) to heartbreak and pain (Kicked to the curb and her interpretation of the jazz standard Here’s that rainy day), but also about being yourself and achieving your dreams (Halle Berry, Elevated, Walk this road and Good girl down) and finally about God in Giving my life to you.

If you are in need of muscial healing, I would highly recommend you get a dose of Elevated, at least once a day. It will put a smile on your face and make you feel inspired and motivated to face whatever is waiting for you.

To give you an idea of Dr E’s talent, here is Walk This Road, one of the most inspiring songs of Elevated. Enjoy!

Find out more about Dr E: website, Facebook

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