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Album review: The Beautiful Side Of A Kreyol Folk Trip, Stevy Mahy


I introduced Stevy Mahy and her music to you several months ago, with a very interesting interview, which you can read here. She was talking about her upcoming album at the time, and it’s now out! The Beautiful Side Of A Kreyol Folk Trip is available on The Beautiful Side of a Kreyol Folk Trip - Stevy Mahy and it has been on heavy rotation here since I got it. It is definitely one of the most beautiful albums of 2010 for me. Here is why…

When I discovered Stevy Mahy a few years ago, I immediately felt a connection with her, I could relate to her music and the feelings she was expressing. She seemed to spread messages I was meant to hear, lyrics that would heal me and soothe me. What I now feel with this album is exactly the same way I did when I first heard Stevy’s voice: it’s like I’ve listened to it before, it sounds so familiar I was surprised at first. I had heard some of the songs before, but the main impression I had was that the album had been there already, waiting for me to get re-acquainted with it. It may sound foolish but there is something about it that draws me in, a strange attraction I am completely unwilling to fight. Strangely enough the first song of the album, one of my favourites, describes this feeling perfectly. Something about you is dedicated to the man she met and who made her feel feel ‘brand-new’, while giving her this feeling they had met before, maybe in another life. I am sure many of you have experienced this kind of situation and can relate to it in the same way I can.

This ‘Kreyol Folk Trip’ definitely has a beautiful side, even if the word seems a bit too weak to describe it sometimes. From the very smooth and soothing melodies to Stevy’s angelic voice, everything makes you feel welcome and enticed to join the lady on her journey through love. The main theme of the album is indeed this great feeling, whether it is for a man, humanity, or God. Mixing English, Creole and French, Stevy describes how love for a man can make you go through different stages, from pure bliss (Something about you, Divine magic joy, Beautiful) to heartbreak and pain (Falling in love again, What’s going on? and Mon coeur mon ange). She also inspires her fellow Earth dwellers to keep their heads up and smile, not to forget that their own happiness is within reach (‘Dry your eyes, you’re way too blessed to cry’, Yenki pou vou) and she urges them to be themselves, to avoid being disctracted by superficial and ephemeral bright lights (‘When the show stops, make sure you’re still real’, Fame is gone). Finally, she expresses her gratitude for the Most High (‘I don’t know life without you, cos you print your name in my soul’), declaring ‘I don’t wanna be by myself without your love’ in the beautiful Shine on me.

Besides the great lyrics and inspiring messages, what really makes me feel so comfortable and touches me deeply is the wonderful productions and vocals. Most of the songs are a beautiful blend of different instruments, with an acoustic feeling which is, as you may know by now something I admire. The common feature on most of the songs is the guitar, but there is a variety of other instruments, from the piano to the violin, steel pan and drums that create a very emotional dimension and touches your soul. Stevy’s voice definitely has the same effect and makes me wonder about the awesomeness of being able to move someone through this instrument. I found myself with a wide grin on my face and goose-bumps while listening to the delicate, angelic sonorities. The combination of all these elements make The Beautiful Side Of A Kreyol Folk Trip an album I will listen to on a regular basis, probably at least once a day as I have been doing since I got it. Something I also need to mention is how grateful I am for Stevy to introduce me to AB‘s amazing voice, with Falling in love again. The singer is the only guest of the album and his style, a mixture of D’angelo and Bilal’s with his own, personal twist once again sounds familiar. AB has already been added to my list of artists whose music I need to discover and get even more familiar with.

If you are in need of musical healing, beauty and inspiration, I would highly recommend you discover The Beautiful Side Of A Kreyol Folk Trip, I can guarantee you won’t regret it. It is one of those treats you give to your ears, your heart and your soul. It is an album you need in your life, quite simply!

Here is a little update, with a beautiful gift from Stevy… This is the brand-new video for Something about you, definitely one of my favourites on the album. The video makes it even better and really makes me want to travel to amazing Guadeloupe, as well as find someone to say those words to… Enjoy!

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  1. Elom
    Nov 09, 2010 @ 14:52:26

    ça donne envie ta chronique.

    Courage & Force


    • Carminelitta
      Nov 09, 2010 @ 18:25:53

      Merci de ton commentaire Elom, heureuse que ça te plaise 🙂
      Je te recommande vraiment l’album, il est très bon et je ne m’en lasse toujours pas !


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