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French touch: Scraps: Meet & Part Company, Maleiva Kem


Cover artwork for Maleiva Kem's Scraps: Meet & Part Company

Earlier this week, I was introduced to the beautiful universe of French singer Maleiva Kem and I can say that I am really grateful I was. Her smooth vocals and slight accent on this EP make the lyrics sound delightful and the concept is one that really appeals to me. Scraps: Meet & Part Company is “the pieces of a story that could have been, that once was, that will be, or never will“, it is a story everyone should be able to relate to. I know I can and it is actually slightly eerie that the feelings expressed match some of mine at the moment perfectly. Musically, it is quite difficult to put a label or define clearly what genre it is, which I find quite awesome. It’s more about a moment, an atmosphere that doesn’t need accuracy. There is a floating dimension, which is the kind of sensation you can feel in certain situations where love is involved. This uncertainty you just can’t shake, this desire to enjoy what you have while you can, whether it lasts forever or for a little while but also this doubt creeping into your mind, those what-if”s. The only thing that could annoy me with this project is how short is it, but I guess it’s like those imaginary or doomed relationships, it’s just a fleeting moment that you enjoy, where you simply disconnect from the world around you and let your feelings speak. The only difference is, you can put the EP on repeat. Which I have already done 3 times since I started writing this.

P.S. Special mention for the beautiful cover artwork.

P.S.2 Check out Maleiva’s blog, it’s full of gems: Lost Is The New Found

Discover the lovely Scraps: Meet & Part Company on Maleiva Kem’s Bandcamp or simply on the link below. Enjoy and don’t forget to spread the word. Music, like love, is meant to be shared.

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