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Newness for your ears: Journey, Sinitus Tempo

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Cover artwork for Journey

I have to admit I haven’t been incredibly inspired lately, hence the lack of updates, but once again Sinitus Tempo came to my rescue and saved the day with another one of those incredible albums he is known for. Greatly inspired by jazz, Journey is as beautiful as ever and its title is very appropriate. I often use the metaphor of music as a journey and this is something that is make obvious here. Once you press play, close your eyes and let the music guide you, your mind will wander within you and to distant places, while you relax and simply enjoy the ride. Life is also a journey and the various tracks on the album could be considered as snapshots, where different people share their own experience, adding their piece to the puzzle and taking us with them on a stroll. I have to say I am extremely proud and happy to be featured on this project, as was the case with Sinitus Tempo’s previous album Koyo. I absolutely loved the instrumental he sent me and was very excited to record something over it.

Straight from the very seconds of the album, we travel to Bolivia, where the surrounding horns create an incredibly welcoming and soothing atmosphere, setting the tone for the whole album and preparing us for the upcoming voyage. Most of the following tracks are full of beautiful instruments, jazz samples and head-nodding beats that make them incredibly compelling.
I won’t comment or praise my lyrics too much, of course, but I need to give a special mention to When I’m Lost, for the extraordinary instrumental with the amazing percussions and piano. Departing slightly from the purely jazz-influenced tracks, it stands out and adds a little magic to the album. Without going in too many details, I’ll say that recording this track was also some kind of therapy, which makes it even more special for me.
Other guests on Journey include frequent collaborators Substantial and Obii Say, who add a hip-hop touch to the project and once again carry the torch and honour the legacy of Nujabes, one of Sinitus Tempo favourite artists and biggest influence. Keepin’ On is a feel-good, uplifting and inspiring song that gives you a great dose of motivation and encourages you to work hard to reach your goals.

Journey is another one of those albums that I will listen to regularly and whose soothing power will be most welcome whenever I’m feeling a bit down or need to take a break from reality. Sinitus Tempo is a very talented producer who deserves more shine and who will hopefully be listened to by more and more people. If this is your first encounter with him and his music, enjoy the ride and don’t forget to look for all his previous projects. They are all full of quality music that will touch your heart and soul.

P.S. The beautiful cover artwork is courtesy of Kid Chan

You can listen to and download Journey on Sinitus Tempo’s Bandcamp page, or simply by clicking on the link below. Please spread the word and share with your friends and family!

Find out more about Sinitus Tempo on Facebook and Twitter

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