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Newness for your ears: Bama Love Soul Presents On Deck

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Cover artwork for On Deck

Catching up on new music after a 2-week break (plus an extended M.I.A. period…) is no easy task, especially when several of my favourite artists decided to drop their gems right when I was away. With that said, I will do my best to share the best with you and as usual I will ask you to bare with me and be patient. As I was listening to various albums waiting in my iTunes this morning, I decided to indulge in Bama Love Soul’s On Deck another time. I already listened to the excellent compilation shortly after it was released but didn’t seize the opportunity to tell you about it earlier. Bama Love Soul is one of my favourite blogs and probably the one I have been following for the longest. While I may not check it out as regularly as I used to, I know I can always count on them to put me on some incredible sonic treasures. Whether I listen to artists I have never heard of before, brand-new tracks I haven’t discovered yet or compilations and mixes by founder DJ Rahdu, I am always extremely happy after I visit the website. When I learned that it was threatened to close due to increased expenses but that supporters/readers could help, I didn’t hesitate and contributed to the Kickstarter campaign they launched. After successfully raising the necessary funds, they finally released one of the most awesome compilations I have listened to in quite a while.

My excitation grew even more rapidly when I read the tracklist for On Deck. With artists like Diggs Duke, Greg Blackman, Nicholas Ryan Gant, Ahmed Sirour, Tall Black Guy or Freddie Joachim, just to name a few, this compilation sounded incredible even before I lent my ears to it. Not only is every single track on here a wonderful piece of music, but the way the album has been arranged creates a natural, smooth flow that makes it very enjoyable. There is clearly a feel-good factor here and I think it is quite impossible not to nod your head and smile while listening to it. In addition to the general positive atmosphere, certain tracks are also quite sensual and turn the compilation into the perfect soundtrack to a late night listening session, preferably in good company. The most appropriate track for this is probably Xolisa’s Be Felt, which was definitely my best discovery on the album. Another special mention goes out to Ahmed Sirour and his BrookLon (BK meets UK) which confirms his place at the top of my favourite producers list. I could actually go on and mention every single track selected for the compilation, as they are all special and wonderful in their own way. What I will do instead is encourage you to get your hands on the vinyl, CD or even digital download and enjoy the journey. You will not regret it, trust me.

You can purchase On Deck via Bama Love Soul’s Bandcamp page or by clicking on the link below. For more information about the compilation, you can also visit Bama Love Soul. Enjoy & spread the word!

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