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French touch: Silence Radio EP, Pumpkin

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Cover artwork for Silence Radio EP

Pumpkin is an artist I discovered quite recently, thanks to her frequent collaborators Supafuh and Teru, but I have since then caught up with her work, to my ears’ delight. When I interviewed her a few months ago in London, I met a passionate and determined woman who was eager to express herself through music and share her views on the world.
Today is a very important day for Pumpkin, as she releases her new EP, Silence Radio, a wonderful project she has been crafting for a long time. Patience is a virtue and it definitely pays off here, both for her and for listeners, who are in for a treat. With features by 20Syl (Hocus Pocus), Ty, Pugz Atoms or Metropolis (Foreign Beggars), to name just a few, the EP still remains imprinted with the “Pumpkin touch”, as the young woman decides to venture on more experimental territories while touching on topics that are in turn personal tales and social observations she is well-known for. In addition to the aforementioned MCs joining Pumpkin on the mic, talented producers Supafuh, Vin’S da Cuero, Quiet Dawn, Josh Fontan (Beatspoke) and DJ Vadim come to reinforce an amazing team and create refreshing instrumentals that allow the lyricists to shine.
The first two singles, Silence Radio and Examen de physique are great representations of the direction taken by Pumpkin on the project, with a solid hip-hop basis accompanied with electronic sonorities that only enhance the power of the lyrics. From new ways of “communication” that may not actually bring people closer to a widespread tendency to judge books by their covers and incidentally people by their appearance, Pumpkin, joined by Pugs Atomz and Ty respectively, provides a very interesting analysis of a few of the ills of modern societies. While the statements may not be highly optimistic, the tracks are quite compelling and are served with the MC’s signature lyricism and spotless production. If those two may serve as appetisers, they can’t sum up the whole project, which is much richer and encompassing. You will probably have understood by now that I highly recommend you get your hands on Silence Radio, whether you prefer vinyl (who could resist such a gorgeous orange record?!), CD or digital. You can get it on Pumpkin - Silence Radio, Fnac or through her website.

Because I support Pumpkin wholeheartedly and want as many people as possible to discover this excellent project, I teamed up with her to offer one of you a copy of Silence Radio on CD. All you have to do is register for my newsletter (if you haven’t done so already) and answer a very simple question to enter the draw. The winner will be announced in two weeks. To subscribe to the newsletter, simply enter your email address HERE or under the “Mailing list” tab on the right-hand side. Alternatively, you can contact me directly by email.

Now, to help you understand why this Silence Radio EP is an absolute must-have, I will share the first two singles with you. First of all, the title track is a wonderful collaboration with DJ Vadim and Pugs Atomz, with visuals that only increase its appeal.  

Then, the freshly-released second single is featuring London-based legendary MC Ty, for an Examen de Physique in the streets of London. When two talented artists decide to join forces on such quality production, the result can’t be anything less than amazing. Enjoy and spread the word!

Find out more about Pumpkin on her website, Facebook & Twitter

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