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Newness for your ears: Uncertainty, Elle Winston


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I first told you about the amazing Elle Winston almost a year ago, when her debut EP Who Said It Was Simple? dropped (shout out to Sincere Vega for the discovery!) and I am quite excited to present to you her brand-new release. The sophomore EP, simply entitled Uncertainty, came out today and it has already secured it’s position among my favourites for 2013. While her first project was a way for Elle Winston to introduce the listener to her musical universe by showcasing her versatility and eclectic influences, this new EP sees her delve deeper and touch upon some topics that are more intimate and personal. As the title suggests and according to the singer herself, this is her most sincere work to date and was written at a time in her life where she was struggling and questioning herself. Using this Uncertainty as creative fuel, she crafted some intense songs that are as beautiful as they are touching and compelling. From the very first notes of Waitin’ On, I was caught in the rhythm of the beat and as my head nodded I could appreciate the heartfelt lyrics and Elle’s unique, sultry voice. Very easy to relate to, the first song is probably the one that touched me the most, but the incredible Sisters (which was available as an exclusive on The Wonderful Year of Carminelitta Vol. 3) and My Black, more specifically, are extremely candid and powerful. Dealing with what it means to be a black woman in today’s world, both songs ask rhetorical questions or expose situations that are sure to make you pause for a while and ponder.
On a more delicate note, More is equally moving and I can’t but feel goosebumps on my arms as I indulge in the velvety vocals and overall atmosphere of the song. Closing this wonderful EP, Million Years is yet another testimony to Elle Winston’s talent, where she offers magnificent vocals that resonate in your heart long after the last note is over. Almost bringing tears to my eyes at every listen, this is one of the most emotionally-charged songs of Uncertainty and it is once again written beautifully, leaving the listener with food for thought and a smile on their face.
In case you had any doubt, I highly recommend you give Elle Winston’s brand-new project a listen and I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. After seeing a few videos of the young singer on stage, all I can wish for 2013 is to finally meet her and get to see her perform in front of my eyes. In the meantime, I will listen to Uncertainty on repeat and feel blessed to be able to enjoy such quality music. She is among the artists that never fail to touch me, through her sincerity, her talent and her sensitivity.

P.S. Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Elle, featured on this blog very soon!

You can discover the amazing Uncertainty on Elle Winston’s Bandcamp page, or simply by clicking on the link below. Enjoy and please spread the word!

Find out more about Elle Winston on he website, Facebook & Twitter

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