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Newness for your ears: Anecdote EP, Rachel Brotman

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Cover artwork for Anecdote EP

I became acquainted with Rachel Brotman and her music through a Bandcamp recommendation by her fellow artist and collaborator Diggs Duke a few months ago. When I listened to her songs for the very first time, I was immediately mesmerised by the magnificence of  the music. I found it very peaceful and soothing yet extremely powerful and emotional, while Rachel’s voice was the icing on the cake and sent my ears on a direct flight to cloud 9.
On Anecdote, the singer wrote most of the music and  lyrics, but she is joined by a group of talented musicians who create an amazing soundtrack for her to delicately deliver her soft vocals. Infused with jazz, the EP is a wonderful collection of lovely tracks that is best appreciated on a quiet, overcast day, when the music is like a smooth balm for your heart and lifts your spirits as Rachel’s voice rises. While it is not necessarily sad or melancholic, the music has this particular quality that fits introspective moments perfectly. There is also an apparent simplicity in this project, some sort of innocence and humility, that is only enhanced by the angelic texture of the singer’s vocals. I don’t know what heaven sounds like if it exists but I have a strong suspicion it wouldn’t be too different from Anecdote
Closing my eyes while listening to the music, I could travel to a welcoming world where everything was beautiful and pure, and I felt a sensation of calm overwhelm me while I drifted off to the sound of the enchanting notes and lyrics. While I am in no way a jazz specialist, I can’t but appreciate the arrangements and the atmosphere created by the various instruments, as well as the way they complement each other. Projects like this one also help me feel confident about the state of independent music, where young artists showcase a real passion for their art and take the time to hone their skills to present music of great quality that is honest and heartfelt. Rachel Brotman sounds like a breath of fresh air and is among the artists who make me fall in love with music all over again. The Anecdote EP will therefore be played quite regularly, until the singer provides my ears with more beauty. If you are in need of soothing music, I would advise you to listen to the project promptly and to let it please your heart and soul.

You can listen to and buy the Anecdote EP on Rachel Brotman’s Bandcamp page, or simply by clicking on the link below. As usual, spreading the word is highly recommended.

Find out more about Rachel Brotman on her website, Facebook & Twitter

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