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Newness for your ears: Her Imaginings, ArinMaya x Theimagination

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Cover artwork for Her Imaginings

When I first listened to ArinMaya’s music, I stepped into a whole new universe where everything sounded fresh and innovative. With The Sound of ArinMaya, I got acquainted with the singer and I immediately fell in love with her unique style and voice. While the music was clearly rooted in soul and gospel, there was an electronic edge to it that gave the EP a sound that was unlike anything I had heard before. After that, I discovered the beautiful Let The Love Come, an album of acoustic music she released in association with guitarist Nick Cassarino. It was a way for the singer to showcase different skills and prove how versatile she could be, delving into folk music and giving a new life to a few famous songs.
Now, with Her Imaginings, the brand-new project she just released with frequent collaborator Theimagination, she is once again flipping the script and providing the listeners with a diverse selection of tracks filled with an electronic soulfulness that is deeply satisfying to my ears. Her Imaginings is actually the name of the group they formed and I dare hope for future releases from the duo. If this is the first project they put out as an official group, not all the tracks are recent on Her Imaginings, as is the case with Do You Think, a song that was present on The Sound of ArinMaya and that never failed to move me.
Dealing with personal experiences, love and loss, Her Imaginings sounds like a snapshot of the singer’s life, as her voice reinforces the various emotions carried by the lyrics. Of course the production by Theimagination is spotless and it only enhances the beauty of the vocals. A true collaborative project, Her Imaginings gives as much space to the singer as it does to the producer, and two perspectives are presented as the songs alternate with interludes where Theimagination lets his thoughts and feelings wander. The hypnotic element that can be found in songs like I Find You or Alright makes the album all the more compelling, while the feelings of hope and fear expressed in the lyrics make ArinMaya sound very candid and beautifully human. What I loved in The Sound of ArinMaya, where the singer affirmed she wanted to be Beautiful before asking her lost love: “do you think of me when you lay with her?” is present here, as she admits she is Scared, but asserts that everything will be Alright eventually. In life and in love, nothing is ever white or black, and it’s always a good thing to hear an album where balance is respected, where certain songs will be most appreciated when the sun is shining in your life and others will touch you more deeply when you are facing hurdles and challenges. To put it simply, Her Imaginings could be mine and the album will always move me, no matter what I’m going through.

Now that you know a little bit more about it, discover the first video taken from the album. This is Do You Think, one of my favourite tracks, which gets a wonderful visual treatment. 

Since you must now be convinced of ArinMaya and Theimagination’s talent and the need for you to have Her Imaginings in your life, I invite you to listen to the album and buy it on Bandcamp, or simply by clicking on the link below.

Find out more about ArinMaya on her website, Facebook & Twitter

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