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Event review: Lianne La Havas @ Espace Julien, Marseille


Cover artwork for Is Your Love Big Enough

First of all, a disclaimer and a (kind of) apology: I am not a professional journalist and this quick review is not intended to be the most well-written, perfect analysis of the show I was blessed enough to witness tonight. What it is though, is an extremely biased and emotional reaction to something that touched me, made me feel good, made me want to cry and to laugh, or to put it simply, made me feel alive. After missing Lianne La Havas several times when I was in London, I finally had a chance to see her live in Marseille tonight and I had the most wonderful evening, as I knew I would. To the simple question, Is Your Love Big Enough? both Lianne and the audience replied by a beautiful, joyful and powerful YES! tonight and I need to say I was pleasantly surprised by the energy and atmosphere here in Marseille. I haven’t been to any concert in my hometown in years and I didn’t really know what to expect but my fellow Marseillais blew me away, as they apparently did Lianne. The young singer didn’t disappoint of course, and the incredible quality of her vocals and guitar playing, as well as that of the band, associated with a very receptive and involved audience made for one of the most amazing concerts I have ever attended.

Since I discovered the Lost & Found EP, my love for Lianne La Havas and her music has grown steadily and her wonderful album, Is Your Love Big Enough? was only a confirmation of her talent, as a songwriter, singer and musician. Both albums are in heavy rotation in my iTunes and her music has become almost necessary to me. Seeing her on stage and listening to GoneLost & Found, or Elusive, my three favourite songs, made me feel slightly overwhelmed and emotional. Obviously there’s nothing like live music to share emotions and bare your soul, so the rendition of those songs, more precisely the first two, brought tears to my eyes. Speaking of Lost & Found, I already told you how special this song was for me, but I have to admit it hurt a little bit to listen to it tonight, as it brought memories back to my mind. I don’t complain though and as writing and performing the song must have been cathartic for Lianne, listening to it surely is for me. Those words she sang were things I could have written (I actually did on several occasions) and they make me feel close to her, in a way. On a happier note, I have to highlight a few things, like the performance of Is Your Love Big Enough? and Forget, where the incredible energy of the singer, her band and the audience made those two songs the most entertaining, joyful and energetic moments of the night, complete with hand-clapping and singing from the whole venue. After Lianne and the band exited, we were obviously having none of it and the anticipation before the encore was growing, which is usually one of my favourite parts in the concert. I can’t imagine how it must feel for a singer/band to hear an audience so in love with their music that they will not stop clapping and cheering until they reappear on stage. When she did come back, she was only accompanied by two guitarists and a percussionist at first, and did a wonderful rendition of Empty, which is another of my favourites on the Lost & Found EP. Finally, she closed the show beautifully with Elusive, which I was waiting for anxiously, and Age, apparently one of the crowd’s favourites. As I finish writing those lines, still on a high and having flashbacks of the night, I can’t but feel blessed, once again, to be able to witness such wonderful moments, where music unites people and make them forget about everything else around. Moments like these, when love is flowing abundantly around, are ways for the universe to remind me how beautiful life can be. 

P.S. I didn’t take any picture or record any part of the show, because I wanted to enjoy the experience fully for once, feeling the music and letting myself be submerged by the atmosphere of the venue without the interference of technology. You should try it once, it’s quite amazing…

If I don’t have any video of the concert to share with you, I won’t let you leave this page without giving you some beautiful visuals to enjoy… A few days ago, Lianne released a two-part story, with a video for Elusive and one for Gone. I think by now you know that those two songs are among my favourites and I have to say the videos make me appreciate them even more. As was the case with Lost & Found, the visuals only enhance the power of the songs. Enjoy!

Find out more about Lianne La Havas on her website, Facebook & Twitter

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