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Newness for your eyes: video updates [4]

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Picture from the Imperial Sugar video

It’s been a while since I last posted one of those video updates and since my eyes were blessed by several wonderful visuals in the past days and weeks, I thought it was high time I shared them with you. If you follow the blog regularly, you probably know that I generally don’t post single videos but sometimes the beauty, originality or inspirational message carried by a handful of them tickles my interest. This time around, I have an incredible selection of four videos from artists coming from the States, the UK, Switzerland and France. Variety is the spice of life! The genres and themes of the song are varied as well, which makes for an interesting melting-pot. Anyway, enough rambling for now, let me tell you about the first one…

Ty is an iconic character from the UK hip-hop scene I discovered only a few years ago (I know, I know…) and whose music and message I sincerely approve and appreciate. After releasing Special Kind Of Fool back in 2010, the talented MC is back, with a new single taken from his upcoming Kick Snare And An Idea EP, scheduled to drop in April via Tru Thoughts. With Like You Never, Ty provides the listener with some honest and authentic music deeply rooted in hip-hop but with a contemporary twist. This is actually the message of the song, so pay attention to the lyrics and enjoy the pearls delivered by the British wordsmith. The video was shot in Aruba, which makes it original and full of beautiful sights. An album release concert will be held at the Jazz Café on April 10th and I’m gutted I won’t be able to be there. If you’re in London at the time, I highly recommend you attend. If the Special Kind Of Fool album launch is anything to go by, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life.

On a more experimental tip, let me introduce you to producer extraordinaire Willy Sunshine. Part of Chief’s Feelin’ Music label, the Swiss artist released his sophomore album, Kitchen Blues Explosion in November and is now providing our mesmerised eyes with a gorgeous visual interpretation of Circles on the water, first single from the album. While the music is laid-back and dreamy, the video is enchanting, with coordinated movements and colourful shapes dancing along to the rhythm of the beat. To me, this is the perfect illustration for this type of music, as it retains an experimental element while allowing you to delve deeper into the beautiful soundscapes provided by Willy Sunshine and wander to unknown and mysterious dimensions. After you have stocked up on aural and visual pleasure, you can discover Kitchen Blues Explosion via Feelin’ Music’s Bandcamp page. Enjoy the journey!

In keeping with instrumental vibes and experimental sonorities, it’s time for you to discover French producer Saneyes’ latest offering. After a wonderful video for State of mind shot in New York (of course!), the talented beatmaker just released new visuals, this time for a lovely ode to wanderlust entitled Roller Girl. An American living in the body of a French guy, Saneyes is currently making a name for himself and becoming a worthy representative of the young French production scene. If this track is quite smooth and soulful, some of his work is much more electro and experimental, including for example his homage to French singer Serge Gainsbourg. In the video, we follow a beautiful Parisian girl strolling in the streets of the capital and wonder where all this is going, before surrendering to the loveliness of the music and appreciating the snapshots of Parisian life provided by the director. You can download Roller Girl on Saneyes’ Bandcamp page.

Last, but definitely not least, I have to share a very special song with you. Ricardo Iamuuri (“I am you you are I”) is an artist hailing from Pittsburgh I was fortunate enough to discover several years ago thanks to fellow artist BusCrates. His music touches me deeply, on an emotional, intellectual and spiritual level and it is therefore with great pleasure that I discovered his latest single. His debut album Conversations With Shepherds, Sheep, Guinea Pigs and Monkeys: Nursery Rhymes for the Underfed Mind Vol I (yes, that’s a very long title and I love it) was released about 7 years ago and the multi-talented artist is coming back with Imperial Sugar, first single taken from his upcoming sophomore album, due to be completed this summer. When I said the song was special, I meant it on several levels, from the incredible brand of “urban folk-hop, electro blues afro-rock” music Ricardo is creating to the amazing, highly inspiring message he is spreading. Until the single is out, go discover the first album on Bandcamp.

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