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I know, I know… I haven’t blogged in forever and many of you probably wonder what’s going on with me. Well, I won’t go into details, as this is not a personal blog, but I apologise to all the artists I should/could have written about in the past months. I may or may not catch up on all the posts I was planning on writing, but tonight something special happened. So special that I feel compelled to write again! It’s as if inspiration was coming from a very distant place and possessed me entirely a few minutes ago. This fire I feel burning inside at the moment makes it impossible for me to do anything but type these words and experience a wonderful moment of pure musical ecstasy. In case you are not familiar with my tendency to get carried away at times, you may think I’m slightly crazy, but if you know me and read most of my previous posts, you already have an idea of how totally subjective and irrational I can be when it comes to music I love. So… after quite a lengthy introduction, it is now time I tell you what mesmerised me tonight, what incredible thing took over me and encouraged me to update the blog again.
What happened was… Phraim released a new album! Ok, I know some of you may not know about this incredible Chicago-based producer, but he’s among the few I greatly appreciate. Silver Lined, his first project, is still in heavy rotation in my iTunes and it’s one of the albums I listen to the most regularly, regardless of genre. The anticipation has been slowly rising on my side, as this new album, the beautifully-titled Kasbah Moments, is a labour of love and Phraim is a perfectionist who knows great things should never be rushed. To say the result was worth the wait is an understatement. Actually, I believe it was released exactly when it needed to (a few days ago, on April 30th) and I discovered it, almost by chance, exactly when I was supposed to. Now, let me try and focus my thoughts and give you a few reasons why I love this album so much.

From the moment I laid my eyes on the album cover and when I heard the very first notes of Kasbah Moments, I knew I would love it. The cover is mysterious, enticing and bright, matching the content of the album perfectly. As soon as you see it, you know you are going to embark on a wonderfully beautiful musical journey to distant territories. In the same way as Scheherazade mesmerised the King with her stories, Phraim captivated my ears with his music. As I started listening to Kasbah Moments, my pleasure kept increasing and I successively designated each song as my favourite, such was the beauty and quality of every one of them. As I continued listening, a few stood out and touched me more deeply than others, but on the whole the album is excellent, from the first track to the last. Taking us on a journey to the Middle East, Phraim masterfully crafted soundscapes filled with emotion, beauty and light. For someone like me who is more and more interested in travelling around the world and discovering new cultures, this sounds perfect. While there’s nothing like being somewhere to fully experience the place and get lost in it, music can definitely help you wander in your mind and create your own version of those distant lands. Something I discovered on Silver Lined and can find here once again is the intricacy of the instrumentals, with a myriad of details adding up to create the overall effect. I can clearly picture Phraim spending hours creating those musical pieces, making sure everything is where it should be and sounds exactly how it is supposed to. All this technicality never prevents the music from sounding natural though and head-nodding drums, beautiful melodies and effects are combined perfectly. I can also picture myself as an Arab princess walking through the rooms of a huge palace or enjoying the caress of the sun and the songs of the birds while sitting by a fountain, but that’s another story. What I mean to say is that Phraim’s music is a perfect way to embark on a metaphorical journey and dream of beautiful landscapes while nodding your head to the hypnotic rhythm. One thing is already sure in my mind: Kasbah Moments will join Silver Lined in the list of my favourite albums and will be played over and over and over… again.

P.S. Phraim, it’s whenever you’re ready for the interview 😉

Now that you know a bit more about Kasbah Moments, it’s time for you to discover the incredible album. Head to Phraim’s Bandcamp page to listen and buy the album, or simply click on the link below. Enjoy the journey!

Find out more about Phraim on Twitter and Soundcloud

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