The Wonderful World Of Carminelitta - Part 3

Newness for your eyes: video updates [4]

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Picture from the Imperial Sugar video

It’s been a while since I last posted one of those video updates and since my eyes were blessed by several wonderful visuals in the past days and weeks, I thought it was high time I shared them with you. If you follow the blog regularly, you probably know that I generally don’t post single videos but sometimes the beauty, originality or inspirational message carried by a handful of them tickles my interest. This time around, I have an incredible selection of four videos from artists coming from the States, the UK, Switzerland and France. Variety is the spice of life! The genres and themes of the song are varied as well, which makes for an interesting melting-pot. Anyway, enough rambling for now, let me tell you about the first one…


Newness for your ears: Anecdote EP, Rachel Brotman

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Cover artwork for Anecdote EP

I became acquainted with Rachel Brotman and her music through a Bandcamp recommendation by her fellow artist and collaborator Diggs Duke a few months ago. When I listened to her songs for the very first time, I was immediately mesmerised by the magnificence of  the music. I found it very peaceful and soothing yet extremely powerful and emotional, while Rachel’s voice was the icing on the cake and sent my ears on a direct flight to cloud 9.
On Anecdote, the singer wrote most of the music and  lyrics, but she is joined by a group of talented musicians who create an amazing soundtrack for her to delicately deliver her soft vocals. Infused with jazz, the EP is a wonderful collection of lovely tracks that is best appreciated on a quiet, overcast day, when the music is like a smooth balm for your heart and lifts your spirits as Rachel’s voice rises. While it is not necessarily sad or melancholic, the music has this particular quality that fits introspective moments perfectly. There is also an apparent simplicity in this project, some sort of innocence and humility, that is only enhanced by the angelic texture of the singer’s vocals. I don’t know what heaven sounds like if it exists but I have a strong suspicion it wouldn’t be too different from Anecdote More

Newness for your ears: Her Imaginings, ArinMaya x Theimagination

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Cover artwork for Her Imaginings

When I first listened to ArinMaya’s music, I stepped into a whole new universe where everything sounded fresh and innovative. With The Sound of ArinMaya, I got acquainted with the singer and I immediately fell in love with her unique style and voice. While the music was clearly rooted in soul and gospel, there was an electronic edge to it that gave the EP a sound that was unlike anything I had heard before. After that, I discovered the beautiful Let The Love Come, an album of acoustic music she released in association with guitarist Nick Cassarino. It was a way for the singer to showcase different skills and prove how versatile she could be, delving into folk music and giving a new life to a few famous songs.
Now, with Her Imaginings, the brand-new project she just released with frequent collaborator Theimagination, she is once again flipping the script and providing the listeners with a diverse selection of tracks filled with an electronic soulfulness that is deeply satisfying to my ears. Her Imaginings is actually the name of the group they formed and I dare hope for future releases from the duo. If this is the first project they put out as an official group, not all the tracks are recent on Her Imaginings, as is the case with Do You Think, a song that was present on The Sound of ArinMaya and that never failed to move me. More

Interview: Elle Winston

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Picture of Elle Winston

Photo by Jai Hall

After presenting her incredible EP Uncertainty last week, I thought it would be a good idea to do an interview with Elle Winston, so that she can express her thoughts on her music, the album, the topics she chooses to touch upon and more. She kindly agreed to answer my questions and I am really happy to share them with you now. As I told you last time, she is one of the artists I really appreciate and her music never fails to move me. It’s therefore a great pleasure to have a chance to exchange with her and get to know her a little better. In case you haven’t listened to the album and purchased it, I highly recommend you do so now. It is definitely worth your time and money! Now, without further delay, let me introduce you to Elle Winston…

First of all, could you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about who you are and what you do?

I am Elle Winston. I’m a singer-songwriter living in Brooklyn, NY. I was born in Indiana, but spent most of my life growing up in Arizona (I miss the sunshine! Haha!). Above all things, I am a sister, a daughter, a friend and a partner. More

Newness for your ears: Uncertainty, Elle Winston


Cover artwork for Uncertainty

I first told you about the amazing Elle Winston almost a year ago, when her debut EP Who Said It Was Simple? dropped (shout out to Sincere Vega for the discovery!) and I am quite excited to present to you her brand-new release. The sophomore EP, simply entitled Uncertainty, came out today and it has already secured it’s position among my favourites for 2013. While her first project was a way for Elle Winston to introduce the listener to her musical universe by showcasing her versatility and eclectic influences, this new EP sees her delve deeper and touch upon some topics that are more intimate and personal. As the title suggests and according to the singer herself, this is her most sincere work to date and was written at a time in her life where she was struggling and questioning herself. Using this Uncertainty as creative fuel, she crafted some intense songs that are as beautiful as they are touching and compelling. From the very first notes of Waitin’ On, I was caught in the rhythm of the beat and as my head nodded I could appreciate the heartfelt lyrics and Elle’s unique, sultry voice. Very easy to relate to, the first song is probably the one that touched me the most, but the incredible Sisters (which was available as an exclusive on The Wonderful Year of Carminelitta Vol. 3) and My Black, more specifically, are extremely candid and powerful. Dealing with what it means to be a black woman in today’s world, both songs ask rhetorical questions or expose situations that are sure to make you pause for a while and ponder. More

The Wonderful Year of Carminelitta: blog 3rd anniversary

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Cover artwork for The Wonderful Year of Carminelitta Vol. 3

The Wonderful World of Carminelitta turns 3 today and as usual I decided to create a compilation to celebrate the anniversary. As was the case with The Wonderful Year of Carminelitta Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, I gathered tracks from artists I featured on the blog during 2012. As you may have noticed if you were following the blog regularly, this year has been quite difficult and I have somewhat abandoned it in the past few months. I can’t guarantee I will revive it, especially as 2013 starts with more uncertainties and challenges in my personal life, but I still wanted to share this with you and look back on the great music I discovered over the past 12 months. I want to take some time to say a big thank you to the artists who agreed to take part in this anniversary compilation, as well as everyone I featured on the blog and every single person and fellow music lover who supported my endeavours since the creation of The Wonderful World of Carminelitta three years ago. I really didn’t think I would make it this far and, despite the hurdles and hard times, I am really grateful for everything I had an opportunity to do through the blog and I am proud of my achievements so far. Even if the blog isn’t as lively as it once was, I still have my online radio show on Ness Radio, which is broadcast every other Monday in normal circumstances (i.e. it should get back to normal after a few crazy weeks) and then uploaded on my Mixcloud page.


French touch: Silence Radio EP, Pumpkin

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Cover artwork for Silence Radio EP

Pumpkin is an artist I discovered quite recently, thanks to her frequent collaborators Supafuh and Teru, but I have since then caught up with her work, to my ears’ delight. When I interviewed her a few months ago in London, I met a passionate and determined woman who was eager to express herself through music and share her views on the world.
Today is a very important day for Pumpkin, as she releases her new EP, Silence Radio, a wonderful project she has been crafting for a long time. Patience is a virtue and it definitely pays off here, both for her and for listeners, who are in for a treat. With features by 20Syl (Hocus Pocus), Ty, Pugz Atoms or Metropolis (Foreign Beggars), to name just a few, the EP still remains imprinted with the “Pumpkin touch”, as the young woman decides to venture on more experimental territories while touching on topics that are in turn personal tales and social observations she is well-known for. In addition to the aforementioned MCs joining Pumpkin on the mic, talented producers Supafuh, Vin’S da Cuero, Quiet Dawn, Josh Fontan (Beatspoke) and DJ Vadim come to reinforce an amazing team and create refreshing instrumentals that allow the lyricists to shine. More

Newness for your ears: Travel Light, Rebekka Ling

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Cover artwork for Travel Light

When I first told you about Dutch singer Rebekka Ling, she was already working on her debut album Travel Light. Giving priority to hard work and quality over trends and “hot” albums that are forgotten in a matter of weeks, the artist provides the listeners with a solid project that will be remembered as all timeless music is. She also proves that the Netherlands definitely have soul (in case we didn’t know that already…). Once again I am quite late in telling you about this, since the album came out last June (oh, how time flies!), but of course I had to do it eventually. I wouldn’t want you to miss out on such quality music and I hope you will be grateful to me for that. Now, let me tell you a bit more about Travel Light and why you need it in your life.

What I really appreciate about an artist is when they create music that is based on what they love to listen to, but they add their personal touch. While I tend to be quite open-minded and eager to discover experimental sonorities, I am always delighted to hear a good old soulful/jazzy album that makes me vibrate and touches the sentimental side of me. With Travel Light, Rebekka Ling draws influences mainly from classic soul and jazz but adds a contemporary twist, with tracks that will make you want to dance the night away, or some that flirt with broken beat. More

UK talent: The Kinesis Thesis Vol. III, K.I.N.E.T.I.K.

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Cover artwork for The Kinesis Thesis Vol. III

Here is one of the many posts that have been waiting in line for months and that I absolutely wanted to share with you. I guess “newness for your ears” may be replaced by “long overdue” in some instances, but as I stated several times on this blog already, better late than never… Why did I want to tell you about this project that came out several months ago? Well, it’s quite simple: few artists have this capacity to blow me away on first listen. K.I.N.E.T.I.K. is one of those. If you are not yet familiar with him and his music, then I consider it my mission to get you acquainted. I first discovered him when he was part of Grand Central, one of the most famous hip-hop duos in London, and I have followed his adventures ever since (however late I was). After seeing him on stage when the group opened for Black Milk during one of his shows in the English capital, I was impressed by his flow, witty rhymes and energy. While the dynamics in Grand Central worked quite well, I have to admit I’ve always preferred his solo endeavours and I was happy to learn he was still working very hard after the split, releasing projects and videos on a regular basis. The latest to date is the one I will now tell you more about, the last instalment in his album series, The Kinesis Thesis Vol. III.


French touch: Histoire de…, Aldrick

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Cover artwork for Histoire de

Ladies and gentlemen, The Wonderful World of Carminelitta is back (again)! I know, I know… I guess there’s no denying the obvious: life has been hectic and my mind elsewhere in the past months, and despite a vague desire to update the blog more regularly and start sharing some music with you again, I was simply not in a space where I felt motivated and inspired enough to do it. After a few attempts which proved to be short-lived, I’m giving it a new try. Many posts are waiting in line, but for tonight, I thought some smooth French soul would be appropriate.

I told you about Aldrick on two occasions, first for his collaboration with French spoken word artist JLS on the album DES MOTS [dé]NOTENT, and second with his acapella EP Dans Ma Chambre. As I already explained then, Aldrick is part of the numerous artists I discovered on MySpace in what seems to be another digital lifetime and I’ve always appreciated his voice, his style and sense of humour. After giving us those very appetising teasers, the French singer finally delivered a long-awaited debut album back in May. While I tend to listen mainly to American artists, as well as a few from the UK, I have to admit I have overlooked artists from my own country for the most part of the last years. When I discover albums like Histoire de…, I am reminded of how much talent France has nurtured and I am therefore tempted to go back to listening to more “homegrown” music. Aldrick is clearly among my favourites and the album is yet another confirmation of his skills. More

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