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Newness for your ears: Black Gold, Diggs Duke

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Cover artwork of Diggs Duke's Black Gold

What better way to start the year than with great music? I actually left you before Christmas with some music by Diggs Duke and this first post of the year presents his brand-new project, in collaboration with Bama Love Soul. I actually discovered him and Gravity on the great blog and it’s a pleasure to see that what they were saying about him releasing more music very soon was true. I was not expecting it to be that soon and I am therefore both surprised and very happy.
While Gravity had a very smooth and sensual vibe, making it the perfect soundtrack to a late night dancing/love making session, Black Gold sounds more energetic and lively, making your head nod and putting a smile on your face as you enjoy the feel-good factor of the music. When it comes to the lyrics, it’s more varied as well and Diggs Duke explores different topics besides love, which is always interesting. I find the concept quite beautiful as well, since it’s all about enjoying the little things in life and turning those into “gold”, as opposed to trying to reach some seemingly unattainable and unrealistic goals.
As the singer says when comparing this second EP to the first one, Black Gold “seeks to expand on the musical concepts and vibes that were presented to you on “Gravity.” He explains: “You will hear the same layering of instrumental sounds. You’ll hear the same character in the vocals. […] But, you’ll also hear something different in the tone of the music. No better, no worse. Just another take on the Diggs Duke style of music.”  Even before listening to the music, I really appreciated this description and how Diggs Duke aimed at staying true to himself while experimenting and exploring different sides of his talent and personality. His voice is as smooth as ever though, which will make it very easy to put the (once again) very short EP on repeat, as was the case with Gravity. Both projects complement each other very well and present some of the varitey of music the singer can explore. Stay tuned for more, probably sooner than later!

You can listen to and download Black Gold on Diggs Duke’s Bandcamp page or directly on the link below. You can also find more information on Bama Love Soul. Enjoy and spread the word!

Find out more about Diggs Duke: FacebookSoundcloudTwitter

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