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Newness for your ears: The She EP, Kap Kallous


In the same way as I couldn’t care less about any commercial holiday, Valentine’s day is just a regular day for me. I believe you shouldn’t need a special day to tell people you love them and show them you care. If you really do, it’s 24/7, 365 days a year. But that’s just me though and that’s not really the point. For me, one of the best presents anyone can give me is music. And I was kind of spoiled today, with many of my favourite artists releasing singles or projects. One of them is Kap Kallous, with his very special The She EP. After The TV EP a few months ago (catch up HERE), the Orlando-based MC is presenting a very powerful, personal concept EP that will probably not leave you unmoved. The She EP is simply 5 songs describing the evolution of a love story, from meeting and falling in love (Thank you) to lust (Purely physical), lies and cheating (Forget me not), uninhibited fantasies (Dream chicks) and finally breaking-up (Love is dead). Once again, I can find the same combination of great productions that match the content perfectly and seamless flow that complements some very well-written lyrics that I discovered with The TV EP. What I greatly appreciate about Kap Kallous on this project, in addition to the qualities I just mentioned, is his incredible openness and how he is sharing some quite personal elements of his past and his innermost feelings, from the most pure and beautiful to the darkest and most destructive ones. This is the definition of art to me, this ability to express yourself and at the same time touch people. And for the Gemini that I am, constantly split between dreams of romantic love and extreme cynicism, this EP is some kind of reflection of my moods, even though it tends to lean heavily towards the dark end of the spectrum. In any case I really appreciate its rawness and bluntness and it is a confirmation of Kap Kallous’ talent, which only leaves me to look forward to more from him.

Discover The She EP on Kap Kallous’ Bandcamp, or simply by clicking on the link below. You can also find more information and download it on Ever Ready Records’ website. Enjoy!

You can also have a look at the little video promo he put together. I really like it and I think it’s very well-done, giving you a good idea of the contents of the EP.

Newness for your ears: The TV EP, Kap Kallous


Cover artwork for The TV EP

I had heard the name Kap Kallous a few times before but never really listened to anything by the Florida-based rapper before. That is, until Twist from Civil Mics sent me an email that really made me want to discover his EP. Some words and phrases used in the introduction told me I would like this project and I was definitely not disappointed with what I heard. It is indeed ‘a well-orchestrated 13-minute music experience’ and I really appreciated the ‘theatrical, graphic novel themed, descriptive purging of emotional tensions’. The TV EP is a prelude to Kap Kallous’ upcoming full-length and is a great introduction to his music for people who are not familiar with it.

Something that really got me caught up in this short project is the great quality of the productions that are mostly very chilled and with soulful elements but also have a ‘cinematic’ dimension, which fits the concept and lyrics perfectly. Most of them gave me a serious head-nod as well and made it even easier for me to be transported to the world Kap Kallous created. The other thing I really appreciate is the concept and writing which are quite original and interesting. I mentioned before how writing is important for me and I have to say the lyrics and metaphors are on point on this project. Kap Kallous has a great imagination and is a very talented story-teller, which is helped with his seamless and engaging flow. From funny, borderline comedy tracks about ‘bitches’ that include girls’ cat-fight (I won’t spoil the suspense further…) or creepy but hilarious serial-killers to more personal and introspective ones, reminiscing over childhood and stressing the need to know where you come from in order to know where you’re at, among other very creative and interesting themes, Kap Kallous present a wide and comprehensive range of lyrical skills and really makes these sound as very short-films. This EP definitely makes me want to hear more about the rapper and I will most probably listen to it regularly, as the replay factor is very high. If you like lyrical, imaginative and creative hip-hop, I recommend you do the same!

You can find more information about Kap Kallous and The TV EP on Ever Ready Records’ website. You can also listen to and buy the EP on Kap Kallous’ Bandcamp, or by clicking on the link below.

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