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Newness for your eyes: video updates [5]

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Still from the video for The Remedy

It’s been a while, right? Right. Moving on swiftly… I watched a few lovely videos in the past weeks/months and I wanted to share them with you, because sharing is caring. Those four videos are completely different and this is great because variety is the spice of life. As usual, I chose them specifically because they provide the viewer with something interesting and original, which is something all artists should aim to do, don’t you think? So, for this edition, you have a wonderful selection of visuals, courtesy of Stevy Mahy, a regular in this section, Mr. Bird & Greg Blackman, Maleiva Kem & James Klynn, and Raashan Ahmad. I told you it was varied! Now, without further delay, let me tell you more about those new(-ish) videos.

First of all, as I said above, Stevy Mahy has been featured in most of those video updates so far. The reason for this is quite simple: all her videos are amazing! This new one, complementing her brand-new single Ban di’w, taken from her upcoming album Renaissance Woman, is as beautiful and inspiring as ever. Singing both in French and Kreyol, Stevy addresses her lover with a delightful, heartfelt declaration, while the visuals present snapshots of a relationship that oozes love, affection and spirituality. This is what dreams are made of… The music is also an invitation to let your mind drift away and to envision a bright future for yourself, or at least it does for me. In case this is your first time hearing and seeing Stevy Mahy, I would suggest you browse this blog to discover my album review for The Beautiful Side of A Kreyol Folk Trip, as well as other posts about the lovely singer.

Then, UK artists Mr. Bird and Greg Blackman team up to provide you with visuals and lyrics dealing with the aftermath of a relationship, which apparently didn’t go too well… Taken from their collaborative album Low Fi Classics, released recently via BBE, Since You’ve Been Gone is undoubtedly among my favourites on the project. The concept of the video is quite simple but works very well and makes the message of the song all the more clear and powerful. While I haven’t really been in this type of situation before, I can still relate to Greg Blackman’s words and feelings. I am sure some of you will recognise yourself though and maybe wish you had said these words to a person or two… The duo also released a remix for this song, courtesy of The Paragons of Goodness, who are none other than Greg Blackman himself and Nathan Wacey. Available with the single, released via BBE last month as well, it’s a great addition to the album and provides a new dimension to this break-up tale.

Maleiva Kem and James Klynn also tell us about love with their new video/short film, taking us on a Cold Path and providing us with an original story to accompany their words. Part of Freedom Hall, a wonderful collective of artists I told you about in the past, they always strive to push boundaries and create art that is all at once innovative, thought-provoking and inspiring. This video is yet another example of their approach and it should not leave you unmoved. Taken from the recently released album of the same nameCold Path blends a lovely melody and Maleiva Kem’s angelic voice with James Klynn’s expert writing skills and candid lyrics. The result is a bittersweet tale that still inspires hope, which I think is what the visuals are all about. The hopeless romantic in me can’t but appreciate that and I’m grateful to the artists for giving me a reason to feel optimistic about love and life right now.

Last but not least, Raashan Ahmad just released a brand-new video for The Remedy, taken from the album Ceremony that was released last year and has become one of my favourites ever. Far from swoon-inducing declarations of love, post break-up relief or complicated feelings, what the American MC offers us is a testimony to his passion for hip-hop. Shot last week in Tokyo, Japan, during his tour in the Land of the Rising Sun, the video is full to the brim of positive vibes and energy. While the storyline is quite basic, the power of the visuals is to make you feel good. That is usually what a lot of Raashan Ahmad’s music is about and I have to say it works perfectly well. As I have been going through rough times lately, I can definitely relate to music being The Remedy, which makes it even easier for me to enjoy the song and video. It actually ranks among my (many) favourites from the album and listening to it, along with watching the MC do his thing in Tokyo, makes me feel better.

Newness for your ears: Electric Forest, Lost Lineage

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Cover artwork for Electric Forest

I first told you about Freedom Hall when I presented Maleiva Kem’s beautiful debut EP Scraps: Meet & Part Company and it is now a great pleasure to introduce to you Lost Lineage and their brand-new album, Electric Forest. Comprised of James Klynn, Spudd Brown, Passion Ward, Kick Coltrane and Maleiva Kem, the group offers an amazing project about love and relationships, with the highs and lows and every step in between. Presented as a response to Maleiva’s EP, which was created from the point of view of a young woman, Electric Forest gives the concept a twist and is a way for men from the collective to share their experience of relationships. Neither sappy declaration of love nor bitter reminiscing over past relationships, the album is all about nuances and honesty. The lyrics are heartfelt, sometimes blunt and that’s what make them so appealing and easy to relate to. Nothing is ever black and white in life or love and we can witness all the different hues and shades through the words and music.
Musically, there is precisely a great variety of atmospheres and moods, matching the evolution of the relationship and making the project sound more universal. As Lost Lineage explain, their “approach was a very eclectic one that is a product of different vibes, melodic treats, varied perceptions on multiple concepts“. Blending hip-hop, soul, rock and more electronic sonorities, Electric Forest takes the best of each genre in a way that fits the lyrics and feelings perfectly and allows the artists to appeal to a wide range of people with that encompassing approach. More

French touch: Scraps: Meet & Part Company, Maleiva Kem


Cover artwork for Maleiva Kem's Scraps: Meet & Part Company

Earlier this week, I was introduced to the beautiful universe of French singer Maleiva Kem and I can say that I am really grateful I was. Her smooth vocals and slight accent on this EP make the lyrics sound delightful and the concept is one that really appeals to me. Scraps: Meet & Part Company is “the pieces of a story that could have been, that once was, that will be, or never will“, it is a story everyone should be able to relate to. I know I can and it is actually slightly eerie that the feelings expressed match some of mine at the moment perfectly. Musically, it is quite difficult to put a label or define clearly what genre it is, which I find quite awesome. It’s more about a moment, an atmosphere that doesn’t need accuracy. There is a floating dimension, which is the kind of sensation you can feel in certain situations where love is involved. This uncertainty you just can’t shake, this desire to enjoy what you have while you can, whether it lasts forever or for a little while but also this doubt creeping into your mind, those what-if”s. The only thing that could annoy me with this project is how short is it, but I guess it’s like those imaginary or doomed relationships, it’s just a fleeting moment that you enjoy, where you simply disconnect from the world around you and let your feelings speak. The only difference is, you can put the EP on repeat. Which I have already done 3 times since I started writing this.

P.S. Special mention for the beautiful cover artwork.

P.S.2 Check out Maleiva’s blog, it’s full of gems: Lost Is The New Found

Discover the lovely Scraps: Meet & Part Company on Maleiva Kem’s Bandcamp or simply on the link below. Enjoy and don’t forget to spread the word. Music, like love, is meant to be shared.

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