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Newness for your ears: The Life Sketches EP, Mecca:83

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Cover artwork for The Life Sketches

I don’t know what it is about the month of June, but after an excellent one last year, with the migration of the blog to WordPress and a renewed inspiration, I have a wonderful feeling these days, a great desire to express myself and share the music I love, which had been buried under many layers of negativity and lethargy in the past weeks and months. Tonight, I have been overwhelmed by great music and I feel the need to share my excitement about it. So, after telling you about Fathom 9’s excellent SHS: Blue Notes from a Brown Soul a few days ago, I have more sonic delicacies to spoil you with.

I have heard the name Mecca:83 (aka Rise) on many occasions and did listen to some music by the UK-based producer before, but never have I taken the time to express my thoughts about it. Tonight, as I am offered his latest project, the incredible Life Sketches EP, I feel I have some kind of duty and should really let you know about it and how it made me feel. First of all, even before I pressed play, I knew I would love it. Not only because I was already somewhat familiar with Mecca:83’s music, but simply because the collaborations on this project are comprised of producers I admire greatly. Send me an email telling me you just released an EP with Replife, Spinnerty, BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble and Emanative, and you’ve won my heart (well, kind of…). I am a big fan of all these amazingly talented people and knowing that they teamed up with similarly gifted Mecca:83 filled my heart with joy. When I started listening to The Life Sketches, my ears were in turn filled with beauty and my soul felt uplifted.

Sometimes, you listen to a track or an album and you just smile. You may not even realise it straight away, but you will simply feel so good it will be visible on your face.
I surely smiled hard here, as I felt a sense of happiness and peace, as I was transported by the soulful yet futuristic and spacey vibrations. There is definitely a soothing and spiritual element here, with the beautiful instruments, especially the warm, mesmerising piano and synths. Once again, it is one of those moments were words are not enough (or too much) to describe how the music made me feel. It is just something you have to experience and indulge in, a blessing that is both individual and universal. I don’t think it is possible to listen to The Life Sketches without being touched by its uplifting aspect and beautiful energy. I also think everyone should give it a try…

Now, as I know you are eager to discover Mecca:83’s latest offering and be elevated by the music, I will tell you that it is available on his Bandcamp page (support highly reccomended) or simply by clicking on the link below. Enjoy and don’t be selfish, pass it on!

Find out more about Mecca:83 on FacebookTwitter or Soundcloud

Newness for your ears: The Lost Tape, Arthur Hamidi

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I love music, I guess you all know that by now, but I also love stories. And when some good music has a very interesting story, it makes it all the more appealing to my ears. I told you about Spinnerty a few weeks back (in case you missed it, here’s the spotlight) and I am now very grateful to Replife for making the connection, as the San-Francisco-based producer and DJ has more than one trick up his sleeve! I already told you in my previous post how versatile he was, blending a wide range of genres and influences. But what he put me on recently sounds so amazing to me I had to share it. To make the story clearer to you, I will do something I rarely do, that is I will simply copy the presentation of the tape, because I think it is quite incredible. It goes like this…

About 2 years ago I was on my way to San Francisco on I-80 when I found a broken cassette at a gas station near SLC. It had spooled out all over the place and was in bad shape, and the only thing it said on it was “6/12/76 demos” scrawled on one side and “arthur hamidi 82601 fr zo” on the other side. I was intrigued so when I got to San Francisco Dan helped me spool back the tape back into its original casing. We managed to get the thing working and got through about four tracks before his tape player ate the damn thing completely. Those four tracks that we did get to hear were…incredible. Forward thinking and fresh sounding, but gritty all the same. We tried looking up Arthur Hamidi but couldn’t find any information about him. Dan and I immediately went to work trying to recreate those four tracks as best we could by ear, before we let the memory of the songs and sounds fade away.

What you hear now is our interpretation of those four songs we heard that day. While we used modern equipment to recreate these sounds, we’re guessing the real Arthur Hamidi probably did it with tape loops and analog synths. Maybe he didn’t think anybody would want to hear his music or maybe he just disappeared, but if anybody has any information about Arthur Hamidi please contact us. Family, friends, fans, anybody…thanks.

And if you are out there Arthur Hamidi, we’ll hold your name for you until you get back.

Until then.
Zirafa & Spinnerty

Now, I guess most of you will agree with me about the fact that this is quite an awesome story. It reminds me slightly of Saul Williams’ The Dead Emcee Scrolls and I find it quite incredible that some artists can find such treasures and share them with the world while adding their own interpretation and ‘touch’. This Lost Tape sounds like a trip to another dimension, it makes me travel back into the past via the future and definitely makes me disconnect for reality completely, with its electronic vibes and hypnotic melodies. It is not really the kind of music I listen to on a regular basis but it is a much welcome opening up of my ears and mind. I am very happy that Zirafa and Spinnerty decided to pay tribute to Arthur Hamidi, whoever he is/was and allowed people to discover this anonymous genius.

Now that you are curious enough about this mysterious Lost Tape, you can head to the website for the original and the remixes or simply click on the link below. Enjoy the journey and spread the word!

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