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The Wonderful Year of Carminelitta: blog 4th anniversary

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Cover artwork for The Wonderful Year of Carminelitta Vol. 4

Four years… Who would have thought? Arguably this was not the greatest year for The Wonderful World of Carminelitta, but I am happy to be able to say that despite it all this blog is still alive and I didn’t give it up completely. Surely, I thought about it several times. Lack of inspiration, motivation and support made it quite difficult for me to keep on pushing for something that I was not sure was worth it. However, I now know that I simply can’t stop what I started. Through the ups and downs, this blog is still my baby. This is one of the few things I created from scratch and I’m damn proud of it!
In these strange times for the music industry, with things constantly changing and evolving, digitalisation in full effect and competition to be the “hottest” or create the biggest “buzz” (among other horrible catchwords…), I often feel that I am out of place and don’t belong in the world of music blogs. When I read some of your messages though, I am reminded that my voice matters and that I can indeed bring something to artists and music lovers. This is why I will not give up. I will keep on writing about artists I discover, sharing music I love with you, providing you with substantial, in-depth interviews and most of all loving doing it. Here’s to yet another year of beautiful, powerful, inspiring, life-changing music!
I would be remiss if I didn’t take some time to thank all the artists who touched me, communicated with me and helped me through the year, as well as everyone who has ever supported me and my endeavours. As cliché as it may sound, you are the reason why I am doing this and this blog would never be what it is without you. Please stick with me for more musical adventures and help me spread the word about amazing projects for many, many years to come!

To celebrate the past year, I put together a compilation, as I have always done since the beginning. It includes all the artists I featured on the blog in 2013, and this is both a way to say thank you to the artists and to help their music be heard far and wide. Listen, enjoy and most importantly, tell your friends! More than ever, it’s all about sharing 🙂

You can discover The Wonderful Year of Carminelitta Vol. 4 by heading to my Mixcloud page, or simply by clicking on the link below.


Elle Winston – Waitin’ On (Uncertainty EP and interview)
ArinMaya x Theimagination – I’m Scared (Her Imaginings)
Rachel Brotman – Clever (Anecdote)
Ricardo Iamuuri – Imperial Sugar (video)
Ty – Like You Never (video)
Saneyes – Roller Girl (video)
Willy Sunshine – Circles on the water (video)
Lianne La Havas – Gone (live) (concert @ Espace Julien, Marseille)
Phraim – Quiescent (Kasbah Moments and interview)
Phenzwaan – Word 2 My Sistas (interview)
Erika Lernot – Sa mwen vlè feat. Tchano (Le Voyage)
Breis – Only Human (The Brilliant EP)
Tum’Soul – Alice (ɘnvol (vol#1))
Imperial x K.I.N.E.T.I.K. – Zone Out (Pencils Not Pistols EP)
Avenging Wind – Blues Man (interview)
KRTS – Nothing Grows In Red Soil (The Foreigner EP)

PS. You can also enjoy previous compilations: The Wonderful Year of Carminelitta Vol. 1, Volume 2 & Volume 3.

The Wonderful Year of Carminelitta: blog 3rd anniversary

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Cover artwork for The Wonderful Year of Carminelitta Vol. 3

The Wonderful World of Carminelitta turns 3 today and as usual I decided to create a compilation to celebrate the anniversary. As was the case with The Wonderful Year of Carminelitta Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, I gathered tracks from artists I featured on the blog during 2012. As you may have noticed if you were following the blog regularly, this year has been quite difficult and I have somewhat abandoned it in the past few months. I can’t guarantee I will revive it, especially as 2013 starts with more uncertainties and challenges in my personal life, but I still wanted to share this with you and look back on the great music I discovered over the past 12 months. I want to take some time to say a big thank you to the artists who agreed to take part in this anniversary compilation, as well as everyone I featured on the blog and every single person and fellow music lover who supported my endeavours since the creation of The Wonderful World of Carminelitta three years ago. I really didn’t think I would make it this far and, despite the hurdles and hard times, I am really grateful for everything I had an opportunity to do through the blog and I am proud of my achievements so far. Even if the blog isn’t as lively as it once was, I still have my online radio show on Ness Radio, which is broadcast every other Monday in normal circumstances (i.e. it should get back to normal after a few crazy weeks) and then uploaded on my Mixcloud page.


The Wonderful Year of Carminelitta: blog 2nd anniversary


Cover artwork for The Wonderful Year of Carminelitta Vol. 2

Oh, what a year! Wait, did I already say that last time? Well, it has been a very interesting year indeed and I’m very proud and happy to celebrate the second anniversary of my blog today. After the success of The Wonderful Year of Carminelitta, I now present to you Volume 2, with this new compilation that gathers artists I featured on the blog during the past 12 months. As usual I am very grateful and thankful to them for taking part and for inspiring me with their music.
While 2010 was the birth of the blog and was therefore very exciting, a year of great progress and discovery, 2011 was a bit more difficult for me, both on the personal tip and for the blog, but it was nonetheless a good one that saw me grow and embark on new adventures, with Word Is Bond and Ness Radio among others. It was also the year when my dream of travelling to the States finally became a reality and my trip to Chicago was definitely a highlight of this year, followed by my recent express stay in Pittsburgh. I met amazing people and artists in both cities and it is only the beginning of my love story with the US!
2012 will be much more focused and I will push all my endeavours further, to share much more music, words, and aspects of my art and personality. I’d advise you stay tuned if you want to witness those. For now though, it’s time to celebrate and spread the word about some very talented artists, with The Wonderful Year of Carminelitta Vol. 2. Once again, big thank you to everyone on there, as well as all the artists I featured and got in touch with in 2011, without forgetting all the fellow music lovers I met along the way and those who have supported me from day 1. Your love and support are much appreciated and I am very grateful for you.


“New Year”, Shade Cobain
“All Games” feat Word Chemist (prod by Shade Cobain), Shinobi Stalin (exclusive)
“Flood Watch”, AMiAM
“Exhibit K”, Kap Kallous
“Retroactive” (prod by Shamalex), L.I.F.E. Long (exclusive)
“Our Dilema” (prod by Young Fury), Pugs Atomz
“Feel”, Phenzwaan – “Now & Forever”
“Trinkets and Shit” (Anniversary mix), Starchild
“The Sound” (prod by Shade Cobain), Varsity Squad (Jon Quest & Beedie) – “New School Boom Bap” (coming February)
“THE WORLD IS YOURS” (prod by BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble), DiViNe SeVeN
“Raw Beauty”, Evil Needle
“Skipping Through Leaves”, Fathom 9
“This Is For You”, Eric Lau
“The Fader”, Martin Parks
“Twinkle”, the A.M. (ArinMaya x Blackdaylight)
“Sail Away” (prod Marc Mac), Dezaray Dawn – “Deep” EP
“Ce soir” feat Aldrick, JLS Musique – “DES MOTS [dé] NOTENT”
“Weightless” (Spinnerty Remix), Nadia Alfadel
“Would you let me” (prod by Spudd Brown & Mahewa Wazuri), Maleiva Kem – “Scraps: Meet & Part Company”
“Yenki Vou (Only You)”, Meemee Nelzy – “Kréyòl Seasoning”
“Something About You”, Stevy Mahy – “The Beautiful Side of a Kreyol Folk Trip”
“Hills”, Greg Spero – “Acoustic”
“Key Of Life”, The Ones (Yaw & Khari Lemuel) – “Community Service” (coming soon)

P.S. A huge thank you to Alvin Black III aka alvinthethird for my beautiful logo! Check out his art, mixes and more on his website.

You can listen to The Wonderful Year of Carminelitta Vol. 2 on Mixcloud or on the link below. Please don’t hesitate to spread the word, it’s all about sharing!

The Wonderful Year of Carminelitta Vol. 2 by Carminelitta on Mixcloud

The Wonderful Year of Carminelitta: blog 1st anniversary


Oh, what a year! Exactly a year ago, I decided to start a little blog to share my passion for music and writing… And how it has grown during this year! I am extremely grateful, happy, excited and a little bit emotional to celebrate this first anniversary (which I hope will be the first of many, many others!).To help me mark this very special and important date, some artists I featured on the blog in 2010 were kind enough to share some of their tracks, including some exlusives. I am very thankful to them for this and I am quite happy with the result. Special thanks to them of course, as well as to all the other artists I featured on the blog, all the people that supported me during this year, liked the blog, commented and spread the word. To make it very, very, very cliché, I’ll say that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve so much without them.

You can check out The Wonderful Year of Carminelitta: blog anniversary celebration HERE


Intro – Shade Cobain
‘P.S.A. (Please Stay Again), DiverSe (exclusive)
‘The janitor’, Sean Ace (ft DJ HasH)
‘SuperHigh’, Jon Quest
‘El hero’ (prod 2 Hungry Bros), Ciph Diggy
‘Dollar and a dream’, Kap Kallous (upcoming album)
‘Believe in U’ (prod BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble), Tahir Jahi
‘Circle of Destiny’, Herma Puma – ‘Synchromystic’
‘Still Jonesin’, DiViNe SeVeN (upcoming album)
‘Work it out’ ft Anthony Mils, Ty (limited edition CD)
‘Oh my God’ (Massed remix), Spectac & Amiri
‘Exciting’ (prod Osna), Sean J – ‘A Tree By Itself: The Harvest Edition’ (The bonus track)
‘If it feels right’, Jason James & Rodney Hazard – ‘Marvelous World of Colour’
‘Take – Neon Beams (remix) v.3.1, Tensei
‘Cypher’ ft Pistol & Sean J, Seven Day
‘Driftin (Dilla)’, Preach Jacobs
‘Window Seat (Daisy’s blend)’, DJ Alvin Black III
‘Homewood Purple’, Grand Ear aka Geeman
‘Higher’, Rebekka Ling
‘Home Alone’, Reeplay
‘Si tu veux rester’ (pro Tum’Soul), Osmojam
‘Love Letter (He Wants Me To Win)’, Nakia Henry
‘Let’s stay together’, Al Green vs Erik Rico – ‘Re-Works EP’
‘He makes me say’, Gabbie McGee – ‘Mississippi’s Daughter’
‘Funktronics on 73rd Street’, BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble (exclusive)
‘Wonderful’, Soy is Real (upcoming ‘Penguin Files’)

P.S. I almost reached my limit on Podomatic, if you feel generous and want to support so that I can keep making podcasts, there’s a donate button at the top right-hand side of this page. Any help is appreciated! Thanks

UPDATE: after the amazing feedback and support I got from this Wonderful Year of Carminelitta, I had to share more treats with you! A few artists got back a little too late for the first instalment, but they definitely deserve to be heard and celebrate with me!
Here’s the tracklist for this part 2, which you can check out HERE


Intro and background music courtesy of Shade Cobain

‘Castration mentale’, Elom 20ce – ‘Rock The Mic Vol. 2’ by Asrafo Records
‘Study on us’ ft Nebz Supreme & Moka Only,SciFi Stu – ‘From The Heaviest Heart To The Coldest Soul’
‘4:00 AM’ ft Phase One, A.C. Layne aka TE1 Productions – ‘The Onederful EP Vol. 1’
‘Driving (Stretch)’, Amenta
‘No pressure’, Jaafar – ‘Supernatural Love’
‘Future’, Cilla K – ‘Fine Line’
‘All in my head’, Bashiri Asad – ‘The Electric Enchantment EP’
‘Você Me Dá’, Clarisse Albrecht
‘Out of my world’, Jaleenah Birdland

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