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Newness for your eyes: video updates [4]

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Picture from the Imperial Sugar video

It’s been a while since I last posted one of those video updates and since my eyes were blessed by several wonderful visuals in the past days and weeks, I thought it was high time I shared them with you. If you follow the blog regularly, you probably know that I generally don’t post single videos but sometimes the beauty, originality or inspirational message carried by a handful of them tickles my interest. This time around, I have an incredible selection of four videos from artists coming from the States, the UK, Switzerland and France. Variety is the spice of life! The genres and themes of the song are varied as well, which makes for an interesting melting-pot. Anyway, enough rambling for now, let me tell you about the first one…


French touch: Silence Radio EP, Pumpkin

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Cover artwork for Silence Radio EP

Pumpkin is an artist I discovered quite recently, thanks to her frequent collaborators Supafuh and Teru, but I have since then caught up with her work, to my ears’ delight. When I interviewed her a few months ago in London, I met a passionate and determined woman who was eager to express herself through music and share her views on the world.
Today is a very important day for Pumpkin, as she releases her new EP, Silence Radio, a wonderful project she has been crafting for a long time. Patience is a virtue and it definitely pays off here, both for her and for listeners, who are in for a treat. With features by 20Syl (Hocus Pocus), Ty, Pugz Atoms or Metropolis (Foreign Beggars), to name just a few, the EP still remains imprinted with the “Pumpkin touch”, as the young woman decides to venture on more experimental territories while touching on topics that are in turn personal tales and social observations she is well-known for. In addition to the aforementioned MCs joining Pumpkin on the mic, talented producers Supafuh, Vin’S da Cuero, Quiet Dawn, Josh Fontan (Beatspoke) and DJ Vadim come to reinforce an amazing team and create refreshing instrumentals that allow the lyricists to shine. More

Newness for your eyes: video updates [3]


Picture from Comb My Hair video

It’s been quite a while since I offered some video updates and I stumbled upon a few in the past days or weeks that caught my attention. I don’t usually post videos on their own, but when I see such quality, I have to gather some of them and share them with you. The songs are in different genres and the themes vary, but all those visuals have something in common: they are beautiful and inspiring. A great video only enhances a song and can sometimes make it even more touching, powerful or entertaining. Let me tell you more about today’s selection and why I love them so much…

Fabian Akilles is an artist I discovered very recently, thanks to Dewey Decibel and I’m sure glad I did! Comb My Hair, taken from his album Evil Round That Corner, is a very interesting and uplifting song that everyone should listen to and particularly little girls who sometimes don’t have the best of role models if you consider current mainstream stars. The video is very simple and straight to the point so I won’t tell much more about it, but leave you to enjoy the great song and lovely visuals. You can get the album via Evil Round That Corner - Fabian Akilles More

Event review: Ty’s album launch @ Jazz Cafe (video bonus)

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In addition to the review, I think it is a good idea to share the videos I recorded during the show, so that people who were not lucky enough to witness it can have an idea of what I am talking about.
I hope you will enjoy them and next time Ty is in your neck of the woods you run to see him!
The first video is an extract of Ty’s performance of Emotions, one of my favourites on Special Kind Of Fool. It is the first song he did and it really set the mood for the evening, as it was indeed full of emotions!
Then, you can witness the talent of beautiful Obenewa who sings her deep and inspiring Put yourself in my shoes. I have to admit I had never heard of Obenewa before but I am definitely convinced of her talent and I will look for more music from her for sure! She was a bit overwhelmed and obviously very emotional and I find it very touching to share such feelings with an audience.
Finally, the last video is an extract of Ty and Erik Rico’s performance of yet another favourite of mine, the very inspiring and positive Me. This song is simply perfect to me and I am really happy to see that there are artists out there who spread such beautiful and important messages. Big up Ty and Erik for sharing your talent and love from music with so many like-minded people!

Event review: Ty’s album launch @ Jazz Cafe


Picture of Ty at Jazz Café

    Knowing Ty‘s energy and enthusiasm when it comes to music and performing, I was expecting to have a great time. The night was actually better than anything I had imagined: I have to say it was the best show I have ever been to!
    The atmosphere was great and Ty’s interraction with the other artists and the audience was simply incredible. Positive vibrations were floating everywhere, it really felt like a family reunion, with so many people being on the same wave-length and having fun together. In the same spirit, a lot of jokes were exchanged, making the show a very entertaining one.
    To start-off the evening in style, Man vs. Wife and DJ Bounce offered us the best in soulful music, from hip-hop to neo-soul, setting the mood for this beautiful evening.
    After this introduction, as Jazz Cafe was starting to be packed, it was time for Black Einstein and co. to take over the stage. Accompanied by MystroMiss Baby Sol, Sharlene Hector and Xavier Jones Barnett, he presented some of his tracks, including extracts from his upcoming project, re-works of David Bowie’s hits. Their energy was as amazing as their vocal talent and the performance was spotless.

      Picture of Black Einstein at Jazz Café

        Following a short interlude consisting of a set by Mr Thing, it was time for Ty to bless the stage. Straight from the moment he appeared on stage, the love from the audience was obvious and he seemed not so much surpised as overwhelmed by such a beautiful welcome. He started the show with his single Emotions, which is still wonderful to me, even after about a hundred listens and the message was perfectly fit to describe the moment. ‘I feel a vibe when I hear a good song’ is very relevant to me, as I’m sure it is for many people!
        After that, he performed songs from Special Kind Of Fool, as well as from his previous albums (CloserWait a minute among others) and I have to underline his wonderful energy, obvious lyrical talent and flow, and great sense of humour. All those made me go through a wide range of emotions and most of all made me blessed to be able to witness such a connection between an artist and his audience. Also, I have to give props to the live band and to all the other artists who spread love and music: VulaEskaRoses GaborCarroll ThompsonObenewa, Sharlene Hector and my good friend Erik Rico, who helped him with two of my favourite songs, Me and Special Kind Of Fool. As his performance drew to an end I just didn’t want it to finish and thought it would be quite hard to go back to ‘normal life’ after that.

            Fortunately, it was not quite the end of the night, as Erik Rico stepped on the stage on his own this time, to do his thing. He presented a selection of his songs, from Journey Back To Me, his Re-Works project with the very sensual remake of Sade’s Sweetest Tabu, and exclusive tracks from his upcoming house project entitled In the Basement. As usual his energy was amazing and I feel very fortunate to be able to see him on stage as often as I do! I do hope he will back on the London stages very soon (hint intended)!
            As tiredness was taking over, I had to leave but people were still partying hard with Mr Thing and his old-school hip-hop set, which set the Jazz Cafe on fire and made me think of a phrase I heard somewhere before… ‘Peace, unity, love and having fun’!

              P.S. If you like Jerry Barnett pictures, you can have a look at his work on his website

              UK talent: Ty is a Special Kind Of Fool

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                There are times when you discover an artist who has been around for many years and you start to question yourself: how on earth could I sleep on them for so long?! This is what happened to me when I heard Ty for the first time, not so long ago…
                I have to say that, once again, I owe this discovery and thus a big thank you to the Morpheus Soul Show. They played the single Emotions from the upcoming album Special Kind Of Fool (out on 19th April peeps!) way before it was released (exclusive…) and that’s when I fell in love with Ty’s music. If you haven’t heard Emotions, I strongly advise you to get it now (available on Emotions - Ty).
                What I really appreciate about Ty’s music is that I can immediately relate to what he expresses and the messages he spreads. Every single track I’ve heard is a perfect mixture of wicked beats, amazing flow and excellent lyrics. Ty is just a regular human being who is trying to do what he loves and inspire people. I have to say it works amazingly well!
                I haven’t been as impatient to hear an album as I am for Special Kind Of Fool in a very long while, and so far all the tracks I have listened to only confirmed Ty’s talent and the quality of the album. Another thing I’m really looking forward to is seeing Ty live, as he obviously has a lot of energy and positive vibes to share, which makes him a great performer.
                The great thing about Ty is that he always has some goodies for his fans, to make the waiting a bit less painful. Among these, I need to mention his mixtape Something big!, mixed by DJ Bounce, which is a great way for people like me to discover his universe and previous releases, and for people who are already familiar with his music, to enjoy their favourite tracks, as well as sneak peaks at Special Kind Of Fool. The mixtape is a free download and it is definitely worth being in your collection.
                Another wonderful gift for us was his recent visit to the Morpheus Soul Show, which consisted of playing some his recent and older tracks, a very interesting and inspiring interview and finally a breathtaking live session with Temporary Residents’ very own Lyrickal, where he played his own beats. If you missed it, or if you want to enjoy it once again, you can get the podcast here. You can also watch an extract of the live session here, courtesy of Raj Pardesi.
                Finally, Ty recently released the official video for the first single off Special Kind Of Fool, the amazing Emotions. I particularly appreciate this song and the wonderful lyrics. I can definitely relate to: “I feel a vibe when I hear a good song / I feel alive and it helps me carry on with the mundane.” The song is packed with such lyrical gems and the video complements it perfectly, with all the colours and positive vibrations.

                    You can also have a look at the amazing pictures taken by Jerry Barnett during the shooting of the video here.

                      In case you haven’t seen it yet, here is the EPK for Special Kind Of Fool, which is a very interesting and inspiring presentation of the album.

                          Now, for your ears and eyes’ pleasure, here is the official video of Emotions: enjoy!

                              More info on Ty: his website, Facebook, Twitter

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