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Written & spoken word

Picture of CarminelittaWords are wonderful tools that can make people laugh or cry, touch them and move them, encourage reflection and criticism, as well as allow writers to express their thoughts and feelings. They may not always describe experiences accurately, as actually going through something does, but they can bring people together and help them relate to situations they encountered or ideas they share. With this in mind, The Wonderful Words of Carminelitta are a way to share personal stories, thoughts, and emotions, first as an outlet, but also in hopes to inspire other individuals.

After gathering a lot of written pieces over a period of several months many years ago, I decided to publish two mini-books on Lulu. Sensual Journey and Thoughts are very different in some ways, but both are very intimate and infused with personal experience, as well as thoughts on life, love, and sex. Both books are currently available for purchase, either as paperback (for real books appreciators) or as e-books (for digital content lovers). Audio books are also in the works and should be available in the near future.

You can read previews and purchase the books by clicking on any of the pictures below. Alternatively, you can click on the links at the bottom of the sidebar on the right-hand side of this page.

Cover artwork for Sensual Journey

Cover artwork for Thoughts












In addition to the books, some recordings are available on Soundcloud, where you can find content that is similar to Sensual Journey and is therefore for adult ears only. Blending personal experiences and fiction, they are an invitation to explore your sensual side and make your fantasies come true… or not. More projects are also in the works on this front, which will hopefully see the light of day sooner than later. Until then, you can listen to the few recordings on repeat and spread the word about them.

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Collaborations and appearances:

(Click on the pictures to discover the projects…)

Mind of a Lyricist Vol. 3, DiverSe

Cover artwork for MOALV3

Koyo (Autumn Leaves), Sinitus Tempo

Cover artwork for Koyo (Autumn Leaves)

Journey, Sinitus Tempo

Cover artwork for Journey

sinAmaxx, Maxx Julian & Sincere Vega

Cover artwork for sinAmaxx

Telefono, The Maxx (aka Maxx Julian)

Cover artwork for Telefono

The Sounds & Wonders EP, Prosthetik Intelligentz & GravityMoovement

Cover artwork for Prosthetik Intelligentz' The Sounds & Wonders EP

Dream State, Sinitus Tempo

Cover artwork for Dream State

Magic: Blanc et Noir, John Graham

Cover artwork for Magic: Blanc et Noir

Dirty Ashtrays, Maxx Julian & The Piece/Peace Keeper

Cover artwork for Dirty Ashtrays

MAJESTY, Maxx Julian

Cover artwork for MAJESTY

WHITE WIDOW, Maxx Julian

Cover artwork of WHITE WIDOW by Maxx Julian

OktoberTwentySecond, Maxx Julian

Cover artwork for OktoberTwentySecond

The Final Odyssey, Sinitus Tempo

Cover artwork for The Final Odyssey

Money Colour Green, Maxx Julian

Cover artwork for Money Colour Green

INTENT, Maxx Julian

Cover artwork for INTENT

The Upper Hand & Other Grand Illusions, Diggs Duke

Cover artwork for The Upper Hand and Other Grand Illusions

REDRUM, Maxx Julian

Cover artwork for REDRUM

The Riots Are Still Goin’ On, Maxx Julian

Cover artwork for The Riots Are Still Goin' On

The Apex Reborn, Maxx Julian

Cover artwork for The Apex Reborn

Powder Blues, Maxx Julian

Cover artwork for Powder Blues

Travelin’ Music Vol. 3, Beyond Luck

Cover artwork for Travelin' Music Vol. 3

PIMP: The Story Of My Life, Maxx Julian

Cover artwork for PIMP

September Instrumentals, Judah

Cover artwork for September Instrumentals

Once Upon A Time In…, Maxx Julian

Cover artwork for Once Upon A Time In

More collaborations are in the works, with different artists in various genres.

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